By the way: we’re on Facebook, now.  Yes, that’s right, hopping on the bandwagon.  No idea yet how it’ll all function, if at all, and I’m very curmudgeonly when it comes to social media, but you can’t avoid progress forever!

This is my favorite depiction of Colonel Haulley so far.  You don’t want to piss off a Royal Canadian Marine.  That is, you WOULDN’T want to do that if there were such a thing as a Royal Canadian Marine, and Canada was an atomic-armed interventionist military superpower.  And of course he’s also toting that gigantic sidearm, which doesn’t make angering him much smarter.

I found a photo of this telephone, by the way, and I just had to use it.  The design was so awesomely retro.  And the thought that they could have all this technology, including video-conferencing with their power-armored troops, and yet have a rotary telephone for internal communications – it just appealed to my “retrofitted future” sensibilities.  As though this base had been built a long time ago and the computers were recent additions.

Anywahh.  If anyone’s in the New York area, let me personally recommend the exhibition at the Met on Islamic art and literature.  It’s spectacular – I went and saw it on Sunday.  Really beautiful.  But beyond that it’s been business as usual for me.

I’m accelerating the production process on my drawings, mainly because I have a backlog of corrections I have to start focussing on to get chapters one and two ready for print by late spring/early summer.  I’m negotiating some preliminaries and coming up with a production schedule for the first volume of 6-Commando, with my aim still being that of getting it ready to bring, at a minimum, to the New York Comic Convention, the Philadelphia Comic Convention, and Webcomics Con next year.  I’ve been saving some of my own funds for some time, and early in the new year I’ll be launching a campaign to try to raise some additional capital to get this baby out in a nice hardcover edition you’ll all hopefully want.  So start saving your loose change!  Until then, I’m not really sure what you can do but keep reading – I may put up a Paypal donations box, but I’m not too clear on how that works and have little time for the figurings-out at the moment.

The BEST thing you can do is keep reading and commenting, and passing the site on to your friends.  The more people discover 6-Commando, the likelier I’ll be able to get the book out in an edition you’ll really want to own!

Anyhow, as regards funding, I have a job to get to tomorrow, so I’d best turn in.

All the best, folks!