Originally, the Arab League was formed under UNA sponsorship from the ruins of the Ottoman Empire, in the hopes of creating a friendly alliance which would secure a steady supply of oil and chemical resources, and keep the same out of Socialist hands.  By 1956, however, its commercial and industrial power had drastically outstripped that of its erstwhile sponsor.  Relations with the Alliance soured, and an abortive attempt by the FSR to sieze control was thwarted by unexpectedly tough League resistance.  All non-Arab influence was purged from the region, and all foreign military forces were systematically ejected from the Arabian Peninsula.  Today, the Arab League is almost a total enigma.  Unlike CONASUR, its nominal ally, the Arab League does not have any interest in foreign politics, and trades with both east and west through a massive and intricate network of middle men that ensure complete secrecy.  The actual state of affairs in Arabia and North Africa is anybody’s guess.  Rumors run the gamut from reports of a super-advanced and futuristic utopia to a near-Medieval Jihadist Caliphate, and eveything in between.  A recent attmpt by the FSR to retake Oman has met with very heavy resistance, and it is clear that, whatever else is going on in the Arab League, they have a military that is not to be trifled with.  Whether or not the Arab League has nuclear weapons is, of course, unknown, and the Arabs, true to form, are not talking.