So after I went and got all self-satisfied for being ahead for the week with the pages, God struck me down for my hubris by catching me out in a freezing rainstorm, so now I have some kind of incipient chest cold.  And I have been advised by my physician to be very careful about that since I had pneumonia two years ago, and that’s the kind of thing where a relapse is likely to be very bad.  So I am, largely against my will, taking it easy for a couple of days in the hopes that this will pass me over rather quickly.  Still, though.  What a bummer, man.  And my neighbors downstairs must be keeping their apartment at like 90 Fahrenheit, because it is way too hot in my studio.  Honestly, it was like 60 degrees outside today and they had the heat pumping like they were prisoners on the Ice Planet.  Gad!

But enough of my nonsense – here’s a page!  Yes!  I’m finally getting a few steps ahead on this project, to the point where I’m actually able to complete two to three pages a week.  Not when I’m SICK, mind you, but under normal conditions.  I still plan to update once a week for the foreseeable future, since after I complete this chapter I have to finish all the editing for the next one, a task for which I have set the not-wholly-arbitrary deadline of April 30, 2012.  At any rate, this week is the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States, a holiday people in the US are apt to get pretty crunchy about, but nevertheless, I wish you all a very good one, whatever nation you are in.  I’ve had a very good year all things considered, and I have a lot to be grateful for – and all of you reading my comic every week is a big part of it.  So, Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

All the best.