I was simply blown away by the great discussion last week, guys!  What a fantastic exchange!  And also, thank you and welcome to the many people who commented for the first time last week as well!  I’m super glad to have you!

So here we go, the next half of the spread.  I made some minor tweaks to the last page, as well, but I think they’re mainly for print.  I shall shortly put the spread up for your viewing pleasure, as is my habit, for the cost of nothing but a vote on topwebcomics.com.

So yeah, you guys made my week last week with all the interesting talk.  And last week was a great week for me, as well – work went smoothly, comic got good reception, makingcomics.com is taking off and THEN some.  And I even got a couple more fan emails.  Which I love, because they make me feel like a total superstar, so thanks to all of you who take the time to offer words of support and encouragement – you are all the best!

So it was very good.  And so I am now moving ahead towards the next milestone, which is a week’s vacation at the end of November, my first extended time off in close to a year.  Which will be nice!  I love autumn and winter in New England, and it’s a great time to take a vacation.  It’ll be especially well-placed for me, as I am in need of some time to sit and work out some more stuff for the comic, and continue planning and revising for the print version I alluded to last week, which will be coming soon (not TOO soon, but soon) in digitally-remastered format.  And if I can drum up enough support for it, there may even be a Deluxe Edition in hardcover, with all the goodies science fiction buffs love, like sketches, blueprints, maps, and other fun stuff.  So if you know someone who’d like 6-C0mmando, do pass the word along.  Things are starting to get interesting!

Ah.  Well, I’m off for now.  Keep on truckin’, folks!