The United Nations Alliance, often called the UNA or the Alliance, is a federation of thirty-four nations in North and Central America, Africa and Australasia.  The Alliance itself, if one considers it a single country, is a land frought with contradictions.  Though not all member-nations are actually democratic, the UNA nevertheless professes its adherence to and defense of the principles of liberal Democracy.  It claims to support the independence of “free peoples,” yet has engaged in wars across Africa, Asia and Europe to prevent countries from joining the FSR.  Its members fight to defend their sovereignty, but none have either the resources nor the inclination to exist without the United Nations’ support.  And above all, the UNA, collectively, has the largest stockpile of nuclear weapons on Earth, more than double all other nations combined, but its citizens live in a state of near-constant atomic paranoia.  The loss of the European continent during the Scarlet Revolution of the 1970’s was a severe blow to the UNA, and their military forces have been shrinking progressively for two decades, the result both of simple attrition and growing public disillusionment with the UNA cause.  This has pushed the UNA further down the path of technological development, producing ever more advanced weapons of war to span the gap in its burgeoning conflict with the FSR.