Well, here we all are.  My little comics project “6-Commando” is finally online!  To be honest, I never thought I’d see the day.

The design of this site is fairly crude at the moment, I know, and with very little to go on, there’s going to be quite a bit of trial and error as I get things underway.  That annoying white border around the comic page above, for example – I’ll make it go away eventually!  Nevertheless, with a little perseverance, I hope to have this baby humming along at a good clip fairly soon, and when I do, weekly updates will be the order of the, er… week.

The parent website, ViciousPrint.com, is also mine.  As my projects expand, this will be the clearing house for my work, and a sort of central nexus for my own little corner of the indie comics scene, such as it is, and eventually, I hope, for other folks interested in joining me in this little creator-owned venture here.  Special thanks, of course, are due to all the people who’ve given me such enormous support so far, in particular the members of my long-suffering family and my patient co-workers, who have to listen to me yammer on ad nauseam about my latest comic book.  And I also should mention the kindness of strangers: I’ve gotten enormously valuable feedback from many people I’ve never even met in person, namely on the Flight Forum, as well as over on the Ogre forums at Steve Jackson Games It’s a small but definite step for me, getting all this arranged, and your kind words and encouragement have been of more value to me than I can say.

So here’s to jumping in feet first!