Well, I hope everyone in the United States had a pleasant Thanksgiving, and everyone the world over had a lovely week.  Alas, I spent the majority of mine recovering from some horrible combination of a sore throat, a chest cold and a sinus infection.  Which is not, I can tell you right now, the best way to spend a week’s vacation.  Nevertheless, I persevered, and here is this week’s page.

I’m always trying experiments with layout, as you know, and I’m not entirely sure it worked this time.  But at the very least I hope it suggests that we’re in for something a bit more interesting than what might have been suggested by all the morose talky bits earlier on.  It’s called a scene reversal!  I do my best, like.

So lessee here, what else to report, what else…?  Hm.  Nothing immediately comes to mind.  I’m sure there’s SOMETHING… but what?

Ah, the heck with it.  I got sick and now my whole brain’s fried.  I better just turn in and get back to work tomorrow.  All the best, folks!