Happy Hallowe’en, everyone!  And in honor of Hallowe’en, I present this page, which I would have presented anyway.  But here we have a mystery, eh?  The plot thickens?  And so forth?

Well, at any rate, it gave me, finally, an excuse to put a map of the 6-Commando world in an actual page, which I’ve been dying to do..  Colonel Haulley’s office here is based loosely on the introduction to The Prisoner, by the way.  That’s à propos of nothing, really, just a little homage.  As is the line from The Big Lebowski, which, try as I might, I could not find a good substitute for.

ANY-way, this was rather an uneventful week, all told.  I did have one totally non-comics related breakthrough when I finally discovered, after twenty some-odd years, who the Agents of Thr.I.L.L. were.  But I’ll be posting an appreciation over on my blog sometime soon, which will reveal all the secrets about it you didn’t know you wanted to know, so I won’t waste your time right now.  We got snow in New England, which is very odd for October.  That was also interesting.  Lessee, what else, what else…

Nothing, comes to mind.  So until next week, be well, and all that rot!

Oh, of course!  The first Makingcomics.com podcast is live today, so go listen to it!  I think you’ll get a charge out of it.  The response to the site has been terrific so far, and I should tell you Jason asked me (and I’ve accepted) to help out as an editor for the site’s content, so I’ve something of a stake in the whole thing, and I think, false modesty aside, that it’s turning into something really great!

So yeah.  Have a good week, folks!