So in among all the other problems I had to fix with last week’s page was my realization that I’d skipped a page in between.  Which is this one.  I’ve been a bit mixed up lately. But, well, anyway, here we go again!

You’ll forgive me for being brief, but it’s been a long, LOOOONG week.  However, I want to mention that the first light has appeared at the end of the tunnel for me, the tunnel that I’ve spent a decade digging to escape from the schizophrenic mockery of state bureaucratic nonsense that my life has become lately.  On Wednesday I finally received the document that will allow me to start taking my licensing exams.  Whew!  That last step only took ten weeks.  How about that, folks?  I’m so glad we have this efficient and well-structured government to protect us from the dangers of job security and professional recognition.

At any rate, that means that the task now turns to studying for my exams.  So if things get a bit sporadic in the coming weeks, you’ll know that that’s what I’m doing.  It will all be over soon, I promise, and with it, God willing, I will achieve a kind of finality and stability that will afford me more time to devote to my comics in my free time.  That may be a pipe dream, but it’s what I’m shooting for.

So for now, I’ll stop being cynical and head for the ol’ bunkhouse.  All the best, folks!