So there was a really big storm in New England this weekend that, in my area, dropped about two feet of snow. I’ve been digging out since Saturday.  Not literally, actually – my landlord has a guy he sends over to plow out my driveway and all.  But figuratively.  Friday, I had to drive through the early part of the storm to get to an important meeting for work, and boy was THAT hairy.  And then after that, I had all kinds of other chores that went along with getting things back to normal after a big storm.  Which is all by way of saying that I’m kind of surprised that I got this page through.  But I did, and here it is!

It oddly kind of parallels this weekend, for me, being stuck inside, but also being a little reluctant to go out, with the storm and all.  I’ll say this, though – it took a VERY long time to find a decent way to draw the CP Alpha surface buildings, and make them look sufficiently imposing.  When drawing in perspective I have a tendency that a lot of artists have of placing the horizon line way too high, and that makes the building look way too small.  But with the help of a few good bits of photographic reference, I managed to get it about right.

Anyhow, I’m turning in.  Another week stretches out before me, and there’s work to be done.  ll the best, folks!

Oh, by the way – I’m adding this on later, but just for fun: once again I’m slow on the uptake in the so-called world of webcomics, but you may or may not have heard of Gary Trudeau’s Doonesbury flap, when, in his attempt to be a print comic strip booster, he came off sounding like an elitist jerk.


I’m a great fan of Doonesbury, and have been for years; my dad used to mail me clipped-out Doonesbury strips when I was in college.  And although I know what Trudeau was “getting at,” he still sounded like a jerk in his saying it.  So webcomic artists have been “filling the gap.”  Nothing new there (ha!).  This is mine.


Trudeau is right – it doesn’t have to happen. Because there are plenty of other artists to fill the gap.  So, if you’ll forgive me, suck it, Gary.