Another layer of the onion finally peeling back.  Oh my, yes.  Not to mention, we finally get to see Mike “naked” as it were – this is what an Echo-class Rumbler looks like on the inside; Mike’s “brain” if you will.

Thanks, everyone, for the good wishes concerning the car accident.  It was really just bumps and scrapes, actually, and a lot of mental stress.  Had a nasty bruise on my shoulder from the seatbelt, and so forth, but really, the car did what it was designed to do, and protected me from injury.  They’re repairing it now, which will take a few weeks, apparently.  Fortunately, the other guy finally surfaced to corroborate my account of the event; my thanks to him for doing the honest thing, and my gratitude that he wasn’t injured, either.  So the insurance company is doing the rest, and I’m not liable to pay for any of it.  And a good thing, too – it’d be more than I could afford, for sure.  He really whacked me good.

Anyhow, another week, and another page, and another… yeah, I better just go to bed.  Oo-wah.

All the best, folks!