Colonel Haulley strikes back.  Oh yeah.

So, if you didn’t hear, the rumors are true: I was in a minor car accident on Friday.  All’s well, though – no injuries, except for my poor car, but that’s what we have insurance for, and because it wasn’t my fault (I got struck from behind), fortunately, I’m not liable.  It was just a little jarring.  Cars aren’t normally supposed to intersect with each other on the highway.  And of course, it was a tremendous hassle, because I’d wanted to drive home to see my mother on Mother’s Day, but wasn’t able to do so.  So, sorry about it this year, Ma, but thanks for everything, anyway.

I guess you could call it good luck that this week’s page is another scene in the Junk World, since my hands were still shaking a little when I sat down to draw it.  When drawing junk, that actually helps, if you can believe it.  Anyway, once the gears of the insurance company start to turn, I can maybe get my car fixed and get back to normal.

Still here and still kicking.  All the best, folks.