Hey, everyone – 24-hour delay on the next page.  It’s almost, but not QUITE done, and I have to make an early start tomorrow so I can’t stay up to finish it.  Tune in tomorrow, though – it’s coming!

Okay, I’m back.  And I’m bound to thank everyone for your kindness and understanding last week.  This is something I do in addition to a very busy professional schedule, and although most of the time I can keep my head in the game, I occasionally lose my stamina.

Anyhow, Not sure what else to say.  Just that work is good and I’m exceptionally busy all the time right now, but finding an opportunity to work on 6-Commando is still a great passion of mine.  Keeping the weekly schedule, though I’ve faltered from time to time, has been an enormous benefit to me, and when I do go down for the count, I’m glad that you all understand.

Anyway, I’m beat, and I have 300 miles of driving to do tomorrow to get to a very important meeting.  So I better hit the ol’ hay, now.  All the best, folks!