{UPDATE, 09.27.2013}: Hi, everyone.  You probably noticed an abrupt halt in my activity on the site here.  Well, to cap all my other problems lately, on Wednesday night, up to the present moment, I’ve been in emergency mode caring for my pet cat Pupshaw, who suddenly became very ill and needed to go the the veterinarian.  Fortunately, with quick treatment and some medicine and TLC, she seems to be starting to recover, but she needs to see another vet to have her teeth checked out right away – her fang has always been overdeveloped, and seems finally to have gone out of alignment, contributing to the whole mess.  I know, all things in their proper order, but Pupshaw is a loyal little pet and has been with me for fourteen years, and so I have to make her treatment my immediate priority.  In all honesty, I’m sort of silently distraught about it, and I really just want to get her fluffed back up again.  So, that doesn’t exactly mean “No Comic Next Week,” but I’m not hopeful. at this point.

I think God is punishing me for my hubris at the moment, but I have to keep my priorities in line, and I will continue to check in as soon as I can.  Thanks, seriously, everyone, for all the patience and understanding.

Aaaaaaaaand now we’re back.  Thanks, everyone, for waiting on this one.  It’s been a really rough couple of weeks for me – a ton of traveling and a ton of work.  But I have to keep the rent paid.  As for this week’s page, Colonel Haulley is giving a line I’ve wanted to have him say for over a hundred pages, and Canadian readers might get the reference.  Little Easter egg there for readers at the 49th Parallel. and Points North.  And let me tell you, that in spite of the violence of the scene, drawing an isometric interior was actually a lot of fun.  And let me ALSO tell you, that those who were commenting that the armor wasn’t doing much against enemy firearms – well, that’s why they have the heavy suits.  Ping!

Anyway, I doubt I’m making a whole ton of sense at this point, so I’ll probably just call it, right there.  Again, thanks everyone for your patience.  You guys are the best!