Back on track, folks.  Pupshaw is back to her old self, my bills are all paid, and I’m back to my regularly scheduled silliness.  Not least of which is that this week, I have to finally restore the site to full functionality.  I’ve been dealing with almost-but-not-quite for a month now, and with a bit of normalcy restored, now comes the digging around in the site code to get the thing back to where it was – to say nothing of restoring some broken pages.

By the way, although next week is once again the New York Comic Convention, I’m afraid that this year I will not be able to attend.  The main concern is that I simply won’t have the time – I have more work responsibilities this year that are taking me out of the state on a weekly basis to inspect a construction site.  So, alas, that will not be so.  But, well… until I actually decide to print something, I think it was turning into a losing proposition anyway, on a year-over-year basis.  Although connecting with the other comics people was fun.  But, hey, next year, maybe.  This year, I’m afraid I’m all business.

And speaking of business, I have a lot of it to do tomorrow, so I better just turn in.  Thanks to everyone for being so patient the past few weeks while I got all this stuff sorted out, and thanks for all the words and emails of support that you all gave me regarding Pupshaw’s health – she’s all healed up now!

All the best, folks!