And here we are again.  Yahoo!

In the United States, it’s Labor Day, and yet an inordinate number of people seem to be laboring in spite of this.  I guess this is what they mean by that stupid cliche “The New Normal.”  But at any rate, I have the day off, thank goodness, and here’s a page to prove it!  It’s yet another one of those pages which in itself seems a bit minimal, but works much better as a spread with the page opposite, compositionally.  But this week, I won’t be asking you to vote to see the spread – for a reason!

There’s some fun stuff coming up.  First and foremost, the impromptu trip last week, though made under duress because of the storm, really helped me to lighten up a little bit.  Which I really needed to do.  And in my exuberance, I have done some stuff.  First up, I signed on to attend the New York Comic Convention in October.  Once again, I will be there as a simple observer, but this year I will have with me some cool stuff for the discerning 6-Commando fan, if you can find me in the mix.  If people will be attending and want to get some free 6-Commando stuff, say so and I’ll arrange a place in the Great Hall of Comics Nonsense where you can link up with me at some given time.

Aside from that, it’s basically full steam ahead on the book and revisions as we launch unto Autumn, and the official third year of 6-C0mmando dawns upon us.  That’s right, 29 August was the second anniversary of 6-Commando going online!  Hooray!  And to show you that it isn’t all smoke and mirrors, I’ve posted a special bonus for you – one of the pages I’m working on revising, to give you an idea of what I actually mean by “revising.”  Just cast a teeny tiny vote over at, and you can see the work in progress!

Other than that, I hope you all have a good holiday, if you’re in the States, and a good week elsewhere.  I know this has been an awfully rough summer for a lot of people, and if  6-Commando has allowed you all to get just a little bit of quality entertainment each week, I consider the past two years to have been time well spent.  And here goes Year Three!