UPDATE: 08.29.11

I’ll tell you the whole story later, but yes, I did evacuate, but now I’m back, although lots of roads and rails have been cut so it took a bit of doing.  No troubles at my house – the sea stopped short of my neighborhood, thankfully, so my meager possessions were spared.  You can, however, blame Hurricane Irene for the delay this week.  But for now I’m just too exhausted to say anything else but “Yes, I’m back!”

More soon, I promise!

UPDATE: 08.25.11

I know I promised a more in-depth update but this has been just a terribly harrowing week.  To tell the whole story would take forever, but I will give you the short version, in no particular order: Earthquake, Hurricane, White Paint All Over My Car, Project Emergency At The Office, Project Emergency Called Off, Project Emergency Back On, Project Emergency Called Off, No Hot Water, Insomnia.

So until I can piece all that together I have to leave it as is.  The important thing is this: there IS, in fact, a hurricane headed my way (Come On, Irene!), and in all likelihood this will render it difficult to keep this week’s schedule when the power goes out, which it almost certainly will, sometime Saturday night.  I’ve been through twenty-six hurricanes so far, so I speak from experience here.  There’s also a possibility (though not a probability) that the government might order me to evacuate my home, because I live near the shoreline, and so that would further gum up the works.  So we have to wait and see.

So, you know, fair warning.  If I don’t make this week’s page on time, just know that it’s not because I don’t love ya!

Original Post: Although it’s been an eventful week, I’m unable to think of something to write at the moment, so I’ll come up with something tomorrow on my lunch break, compose a sonnet or something.  Until then, here’s a comic!  And now I must rest.  I promise I’ll have something more substantive for the blog shortly.

Be well, folks!