All right, though I know I have cool and exciting stuff to add this week I can’t really think of it all right now.  But I’ll dig up what I can manage to remember.

First, the page!  Yes.  The page.  Talky, maybe, but every so often it’s unavoidable.

Now, the other things.  First, I’m formulating another 6-Commando contest, one which I hope will be fun for everyone, and the prizes will be quite cool, I think.  But I’m not quite done with the specifics, so until I am, just know that it’s on the way!

Second, I’m gearing up for NYCC in just about one month, and it’s looking to be a great show.  I can only hope that the economic panic of this summer can be set aside long enough for everyone attending to have a good time, and sell some decent product.  We all have to make our living, you know!  On that latter point, I’m bound to thank Denny Fincke, who I met at NYCC last year, for dropping me a very well-timed word of encouragement this week, at a moment when I happened to be feeling a bit low about my prospects.  I recommend everyone check out his comic Twit Troo of the Moon – a traditional-style comic that’s VERY different from mine, but masterfully drawn, tons of fun, and definitely worth your time!

Third, I have issued the command that 6-Commando Stuff be made!  It’s very modest 6-Commando Stuff, but it will be cheap and/or free, and so, I hope, likely to pique your interest, and be a harbinger of things to come.

And finally, I am in discussions on the preliminaries regarding the design of the first 6-Commando book!  It’s so exciting to be getting it off the ground that I had to mention it, but as it, too, is in only the early phases, I am hesitant to go into too many details.  But suffice it to say it’s promising enough that I can say that we are within a measurable distance of publication at this point, and I’m starting to get really excited about it all!

So there’s my vague and very unspecific report for the week.  I know it may be a bit weak, but it was enough for me to simply make progress this week, even though it didn’t yet amount to anything concrete.  But we’re on our way, for sure!

So until next week, be well, folks!