Ah hah hah.  Ahh.  Yes, so SteelRaven and Ulrich called this one last week.  Whoops!  But I think it still worked out, eh?  Yes.

Well, it’s been work work work for me lately.  Which is just fine, frankly.  It means, however, that I have little or nothing of interest to report comics-wise this week.  I did finally remember what it was I had forgotten to do last week, which was post the next two-page spread over as a voting incentive.  So now I have done so – nothing you haven’t already seen, of course, but it is still a good chance to remind you all that visibility counts in this comic-book game I’m playing here, especially now that I’m moving ever closer to print.

Other than that, I’m just trying to balance some prior commitments to other artists (Joost, Jason and Chris, you’d better just watch out!) with an upcoming deadline at work, by which I mean WORK-work, the job that pays my rent and so forth.  But I’ll get it all done.  I promise!

Whew.  Bedtime for me, now, for the moment.  Be well, everyone!

EDIT: 5 December 2011

By the way, I remembered this morning that I had been meaning to draw everyone’s attention to a really superb comic of kindred spirit to 6-Commando, albeit decidedly different in execution: Made in USA by Ben Markowitz and Matt Fitzwater.  I don’t want to wreck it by trying to give you a full synopsis, because you should really read it for yourselves, but in brief, it began as something of a gag strip, without words, and developed into something very different.  In its current incarnation, it’s the story of an American-made robot at the beginning of the XX Century who, conscious of his duty to his creators and fellow Americans, goes to fight in the trenches of World War I Europe.  The result is one of the most unpretentiously poignant and genuinely moving war stories currently going in the world of comics, and I really am a huge fan.  So please, by all means, check it out – it’s one of the really great secret treasures of online graphic novels these days, and if I had anything to say about it this one would be making the Eisner list in very short order.