I know it’s a but of a tease, after last week, but here we are once again, yet another Blue Retrophone.  Nobody can escape the Blue Retrophone!

So first, I have put the next (read: last) spread up for viewing on topwebcomics.com.  You have but to take a small moment to cast your vote, and you can see it in all its glory!

Next, let me say that crowd scenes are a really gigantic pain to draw.  This isn’t really a “crowd scene” per se, to be sure, but is is a whole bunch of people who all have to be designed with proper body types, gestures, etc.  Some people can do that off the cuff, but I can’t, and this page, in consequence, took quite a bit of effort.  I was actually touching it up right to the last minute, as a matter of fact.  There’s a lot of what we in architecture call “design drift,” perhaps better called continuity errors, only really tiny ones that will get fixed in revision, like the Colonel’s collar insignia and so forth.  The further I go the more I realize that the rank structure I have for the United Nations is really a confusing mess – I should really regularize it.  But not now.

For NOW, I have to get myself to sleep.  I still have a job to get to tomorrow morning, and that’s what keeps the lights on.  So until then, be well, and I’ll see you next week!

And by the way, next week there will be a Christmas Contest with prizes, so DO NOT MISS IT!