Colonel Haulley’s got the ol’ Crazy-Eye.  And frankly, after what I’ve been putting him through in this chapter, I don’t blame him!  This pair of pages is really one of my favorites so far, so I’m going to post it up on for everyone to see – I realized I haven’t done that for a while, so why not?


As for me, it has been a thrilling week of major and unexpected design crises on this project I’m doing at work.  But all seems to have been resolved – took the better part of a week, though.  Lots of overtime.  Things have a way of overtaking you.  So I only really made a start at sorting out the website, and I fear I was very neglectful about answering posts last week.  The simple fact is, I had almost literally no spare time whatsoever.  I hope to have a gentler week this time around, and to get some more stuff online.  In the meantime, however, I did, at least, get this darned page up to scratch, so I’m at least happy about that, especially as this chapter is now hurtling towards its conclusion.

For now, though, I’m turning in.  I haven’t been getting enough sleep lately, and I need to stay alert, lest things get over on me again!  Thanks everyone for the comments and the encouragement – I’m still plugging away here!