So is it weird enough for you?  I can hear the sound of links to my site being deleted even as I write this.  “Not only is it taking him forever to draw it, I think he’s going off the deep end, too!”

Eh heh heh heh hehh… yes, even I admit that it’s weird, and I know I keep saying this, but REALLY, honestly, for REALLY REAL, I am so totally going somewhere with this.  At any rate, I’m sorry about the delay last week.  I hope you all know that I only do that when it’s unavoidable.  But now I have a little stability in between big events, so hopefully I’ll be on track for a week or two.  Plus, it has been absolutely crazy, brain-freeze cold in New England where I live, so there really isn’t much to do but work, sleep, and draw comics.  And study for licensing exams.  And all the OTHER stuff I do, my super-secret projects!  Okay, now I’m just being incoherent.  I really ought to just go to bed.

So!  Until next week, folks, all the best!