I think Major Rucker has been around long enough to know what the answer really is.

Thanks for the patience, everyone.  I was at a wedding yesterday, and I’d assumed I’d be able to wrap up the page afterwards, but I was just exhausted.  Fortunately, this is Labor Day in the United States, so I had the day off to recover and finish up the drawing.  So here we are!  And five years in, no less!  I was going to celebrate that meaningless milestone with something special, but I thought the best thing I could do was actually continue the comic more or less on schedule.  That, I think, is the best testament to the last five years of 6-Commando.

Anyway, I’m going to put my feet up for a few hours and then turn in.  Summer’s over, now, and it’s been a real doozy for me.  But I have no complaints, and no regrets.  On to the next challenge!

All the best, folks!