Hey, been doing this a lot lately, I know, but the next page won’t be up until tomorrow.  I ended up with a pile of personal commitments this weekend and though I got close, I’m still not quite there.  Tomorrow, though!  Yes!

It’s one of the fun parts of a retro sci-fi milieu like this that all old things become new again.  Using a turn of phrase like “bag some commies” is patently ridiculous in our reformed post-Cold War world, but here, it just works.  Plus, this sequence has, of course, been a golden opportunity to get back to what this comic is really all about: tanks.

This week marks the fifth anniversary of 6-Commando’s existence.  Five years, man.  What a strange time it’s been so far.  And looking back at the early pages, it’s really achieved at least one major goal – I think I’ve gotten a lot better at drawing comics over the years.  Now, God willing, it won’t take a whole five more years to finish telling this strange story, but even so, I’m in it to win it at this point.  And to all of you, I know I say it all the time, but it never gets old to me: you guys (and girls!) who read this comic make it worthwhile in a big way.  Your intelligence and engagement and sensitivity and interest and general… “thingness,” well, that’s what keeps me drawing every week.  So, thank you for five good years of comics so far – I owe you all great thanks for your support!

As for me, the world encroaches once again – time for sleep.

All the best!