Captain Da Costa, 6-Commando’s resident voice of reason.  In the alternate universe where a guy like me could land a woman like her, she’d be my girlfriend.

Oy vey.  This is the life I chose, I guess, but the schedule has been positively killing me this whole summer, but this week I made it.  It helped that a major end-of-week crisis I had on Friday got resolved by a lot of quick moving and emails to the four corners of the Earth on Saturday.  But it was a real job – and a relief to have it get resolved.  Still, in a bizarre way, the whole experience typifies the life I’ve been living lately, and I really appreciate everyone’s patience.  In the dreamworld, where I can work on comics full time, I do.  But until we perfect the means of traveling between those parallel universes and this one, all I can do is try to dispose of my responsibilities and not fall into crippling, burnt-out depression.

Anyway, that’s enough outta me for now.  I’m going to sleep.  Until next week, folks!