It’s been far too long.

I am really bummed that a few weeks turned into so many months, really.  And I’ve been dying to come back to this story.  After all this time it seems unfair to leave these characters hanging.  Unfortunately, I have a life as well, and it’s been very, very difficult lately.  I’m not going to go into a litany of my problems – we all have problems.  But a great deal has gone against me since we left off, and it’s going to be months, if not years, before it comes back around for me, at this point.  So, with my little cat my by side, a mountain of self-doubt and a vast reluctance, I have returned to 6-Commando.

Sweetus, who the Town rescued from beneath someone’s house, if you can believe that, has taken up her duties as my Artist’s Cat with great seriousness and enthusiasm since the passing of my poor old Pupshaw.  She is even now sitting on my shoulder watching me type this.  And as ever, things being what they are, there are no guarantees about anything.  But the only surefire way not to succeed is not to try, so here goes Chapter 8.

More about what’s next for 6-Commando next week.  For now, here goes nothing.