Another unfortunate reality of my life-situation – I worked through the weekend, as I will have to do on short notice for some time to come.  So sorry there’s no comic this week but that’s the life I’m living right now.

So at least this week, I get a three-day weekend.

I promised a further view of what’s next for 6-Commando last week, and only now do I realize how weirdly ominous that may have seemed.  It’s really not.  Basically, what’s next is that we’re moving towards the end of the story.  After a lot of writing and planning and other such things, I ended up editing the end of the story pretty savagely, not because I want to end it, but because so many things I thought would make sense when I started this project nine years ago simply never made it into the story, and now don’t exactly work.  Chapter 8 will be the midpoint of “Season 3,” which will conclude with Chapter 9.  Then there will be a Series Finale, to finally, at long last, bring 6-Commando to its conclusion.

I went back and forth on this, and I feel like I’m finally getting a grip on the best and fairest way to end this story.  Naturally this isn’t happening tomorrow, or really even next year, but it is happening sooner than I had at first imagined.  My biggest concern is to do this thing justice, and to make it all finally come together for you after all this time.

So that’s a lot of rambling, I know, but there it is.  We’re moving towards the finish line on this and the end is a little closer than it might originally have seemed.  But I think you’ll all like it, and it’s gotten me feeling very enthusiastic about the story in a way I haven’t been for a long time.  So here we go!