Well, there it is, folks, the finale of Season 1 of 6-Commando.  I have to say, I was really surprised and kind of pleased with how the Russian Kill-bots turned out.  I’ve been drawing them every which way for about a year now, and I think they finally came out right.  I had particular fun distressing the armor and the paint, to make them look battle-worn.  Ahh, yes, what a pleasure to finish out a successful first season with a page that was pure joy to draw, from start to finish.

And to everyone here, I have to say I owe you a HUGE debt of gratitude for watching this long.  This is a major milestone for me, getting to the end of the first book, and your feedback, encouragement, suggestions and critiques have really helped me develop an enormous amount.  I couldn’t be happier with where this story is going, or with how far it’s come in the last three years.

Now although the first “Season” as I’m calling it (admittedly, in a quixotically hopeful way) is over, it is not, as it were, done with.  And my project from now until the end of the summer is to go back to the start and digitally remaster the whole thing.  Which is, let me tell you, a rather titanic job.  But I’m determined to do it, and do it right.  Mike won’t let me do it any other way.

So while I’m doing that, do we go into reruns?  Not really, as a mater of fact.  First up, I have some extras for you that will start next week.  Yes!  Extras!  WhatEVER can they be?  Tune in next week to see.  And then, after that, there will come Guest Art.  O yes.  But I won’t wreck that for you just yet.  But is shall be awesome, mark my words.  Not to be missed.

And after that, if time still is not on my side, I’ll begin showing you bits of the “Special Edition” version of 6-Commando as I work to get it done.

And then, we’ll start Chapter 4.

So the weekly updates will be continuing – the site will not lag, I promise.  But for now, I will just sit back and enjoy a proper end to part 1 of my first graphic novel.


See you all next week, folks!