Almost there, folks.  Next week is the Season Finale, so get ready!  After THAT, that’s when the fun REALLY starts!

As for me, well, I’m already up to my wrists in unedited artwork, and trying to figure out what to do with it all.  It’s a very large task, what I’m trying to do, and I admit I’ve had a lot of advice from a number of different quarters that I shouldn’t even bother and just leave it as it is.  But something in me is just not satisfied with that, and so with vast reluctance, after next week’s finale, I will be diving fully into the process of revising everything for print.  I’m repeating this more for my benefit than yours, I admit, because as with anything the process of revision is such an unpleasant one for an author that it takes a lot of psyching-up to get me into it.  And speaking of which:

Yes, another two-pager, this panoramic view, as it was meant to be!

So, with the first season coming to a close, the question is “But what about the weekly 6-Commando updates?”  Well, in the next two weeks I’ll describe in full detail what the plan there is, but I do intend to continue updating every week, with SOMETHING, at least.  There’s some really cool stuff coming on the front end, and after that, at the very least I’ll do something akin to a relaunch, perhaps – show off some of the revised artwork, to (hopefully) drum up some support for the print edition.

About the print edition, by the way, may not be ready by NYCC, I’m afraid.  I’ve assessed my time constraints and it simply might not be an attainable goal at this point when you chop sixty days off the end of it for a print turnaround.  I’m still going to bend every effort, though – I just want to put that in the mix on the front end, because with all this expended effort, I’m not going to rush things for the sake of a print date at this point.  However, as most readers don’t seem to be in the New York area anyway, I’m not terribly distressed about that.  Interestingly, this week marked the first time readership in Germany exceeded that in Canada!  How 6-Commando got so popular in Germany, I don’t know, but you folks were number two behind the United States this week, according to Google, with Canada, the UK, and Australia filling out the top five.

But I digress.  About printing.  I’m finishing a survey of my final options vis-à-vis the ultimate form that this will take.  The working title is “6-Commando, Season 1” and I’m looking into a Kickstarter campaign as a means of gauging interest and figuring out what kind of quality I can afford to pack into this.  The Ogre campaign by Steve Jackson Games is the model I’m following, to wit: this book will be available no matter what; it simply remains to be seen how awesome I will be able to make it.  With no support, it will be print on demand, perfect-bound, with updated artwork and some modest commentary by me.  With support, I may be able to afford extras like process or offset printing, better binding, additional content such as essays and sketchbook material, or even hardcover.  I need to get a reasonable assessment on what levels of financial support at which I would be able to do these things, and I’m already working on an animatic Hollywood-style 6-Commando trailer (ha!) for advertising purposes.  So please keep your eyes on the page here and keep spreading the word about this comic to your friends.  And remember that whatever happens, even if the Kickstarter thing fizzles, this book is happening, and then more 6-Commando will follow, right here, as always.  This, I COMMAND!

Anyhow, that’s enough out of me for one week.  Tune in next time for the Season Finale!