Well, there was some confusion last week about what constituted “threatening” someone with a pistol.  I think this is much clearer.  Isn’t Major Rucker just SO polite, saying please while holding a gun to the Doc’s head?  A perfect gentleman.  I don’t know why I wrote that in there way back at the start of the chapter, but I did, and there it is.  So, yes.

I should note, by the way, that the REAL Dr. Haakman (who isn’t a doctor, but a cartoonist), would never even THINK of dosing someone with Potassium Cyanide, even in the most dire circumstances.  But I needed a sympathetic character for this scene for dramatic reasons, and… well, you’ll see.  But if you don’t already know what the real Joost Haakman is all about, I recommend, as I have many times before, his website, where you can read (and also buy a hardcover copy of) his comic Semmie the Forest Gnome.

ANYway… Comic Creators for Freedom had a very successful donation drive, raising over $7000 for their charities, and I was very pleased to have played my very small part in that.  So cheers to all the donors.  On the 6-Commando front, we’re almost at Page 100, a meaningless but nevertheless pleasant milestone coming two weeks hence, and to celebrate I’ll be inviting everyone to play 6-Commando Poker.  How do you play, you ask?  Well, tune in next week, and I’ll tell you.  For now, I’ll just be cryptic and mysterious about it, and will only say that it will be a LOT easier than the last game – so easy, in fact, that… well, we’ll get to that next week.

For the moment, I must content myself with saying, preemptively, that you guys have all been super great supporters of this comic so far, and that this little turning point is a real thrill to me because of you.  Without such a supportive, sophisticated, intelligent and engaging group of readers like you, I doubt I’d be able to get myself off my dupa every week to draw this comic, and I’m quite certain I’d never have made it to page ten, let alone page one hundred.  So thank you all!

So until next week, be well, and may a rogue Rumbler not take over you Local Area Network.

Oh, by the way, if anyone here happens be a 3D modeler (say with Rhino or 3DS Max, or even SketchUp), I’d be interested in speaking to you.  Email me using the “Contact” info above.  No pressure, and nothing really important, just a lark I’ve had in my head for a while I’d like to talk through.  Anyway.  See you next week!