Well, here we go.  As I said, these pages make the most sense together as a unit, and you can see them as the voting incentive on topwebcomics.com.


So I don’t have a huge amount to say about anything other than once again, it’s Memorial Day in the U.S. (forgive me if this is an international holiday and I’m leaving everyone else out – I don’t think it is, though), and so we’re all thinking about the citizens of our country who’ve died in the cause of the Revolution.  I live in faith that one day we’ll find a way to make war less necessary; the events of this week, in the United Kingdom, haven’t left me too terribly hopeful that that day is coming any time soon.  But a conversion of conscience like this takes thousands of years; the best we can do is try to move things forward a little bit in our generation.

So anyhow, enough of my rambling.  Until next time, folks, be well.