I have to admit I’m kind of running on fumes here, because I have NO idea how I managed to finish this page.  This was a really weird week when I had to go in every conceivable direction at once, and seemed to be doing everything but drawing comics.  And yet, here it is.  Wild.

I like this scene a lot.  Actually, it’s going to look a lot better as a spread when the other page is finished, so I’ll stick the whole thing somewhere for you to see it next Monday.  But I like that it accentuates Mike’s bigness.  He’s not a small machine.  And there’s good reason everyone is afraid he’s going off the rails – he could really ruin everyone’s day if he decided he wanted to.

As for me, well, I’m turning in.  It’s going to be another big one this week, but I’m up for it.  And now that we’re “over the hump” with this chapter and events are starting to accelerate, the prospect of getting to draw the rest of the chapter is really exciting.  And this one is building up to my second-favorite scene in the entire story, which I’ve been dying, just DYING to draw for three years now.  So I’m really starting to have fun with this.

Anyway, until next week, folks, be well!