UPDATE: 01.17.2012

Someone pointed me to a thread today on a web forum – I honestly don’t remember where but it’s in my email somewhere – where some folks were opining on the subject of this little comic-o-mine.  Opinion seemed generally positive, which was nice; though the typical issue is that it only updates once a week.  But that’s just a fact of life.  And of course, some was the curmudgeonly “moves too slow,” “it looks weird,” and “I don’t like it” complaints, which I’ve heard before; I can’t do so much about people’s opinions on that end, of course, and I’ve found this story is one of those things people either like or don’t, so I don’t sweat it.  But positive or negative, at least they all took the time to comment, so thanks for that, and even criticism can work out for the best.  It put me in mind of some rather sound ridicule I got on some Russian websites a few years back for my dreadful translations, before one of them stepped in to save me from myself.  But I digress.

Really, of greater concern was the complaint that some people are having trouble reading the comic; in particular, the text is showing up blurry or obscure for some readers.  That is something I CAN fix, and so I’d like to poll the electorate here on the subject – is everyone able to read the pages clearly or is that an issue?  I’ve recently been using some compression techniques on the artwork, you see, to make the page load faster for you, and to save space on my site.  For me, with my hi-def monitor, it looks more or less the same.  But if it’s making the dialogue blurry or incomprehensible, I’ll go back to the old, uncompressed file structure: I’d rather you be able to read it clearly.

So let me know if it’s an issue – I’d like to correct it if I can.

Original Post: 01.16.2012: Another week, another late night, another page!

Another painfully brief blog post.  Ah, well.

Anyhow.  Some stuffs to mention before I collapse into much-needed sleep.  First, the spread is up, as promised, for viewing with a vote over at TWC!  This is the first month I’ve been averaging the middle-130’s in the needlessly artificial world of comics rankings, but you know, whatever.  If that’s how the game is played, so be it.

Second: Comic Creators for Freedom is entering their second week of their donation drive.  Things always slack off in the second half of things, but nevertheless, I urge you to check them out and consider donating to this worthy cause.

And finalmente, we’re nearing the 100th page of 6-Commando, and I’m going to have to do something to celebrate!  Perhaps… a contest?  Perhaps… a MUCH EASIER contest than the last one, to get you people off your dupas to get free 6-Commando stuff and a chance to appear in the comic?  Yes.  I think that will happen.  More info on this when I’ve properly hatched my plans!

Until then, be well, and have a great week, folks!