Sorry I’m a touch late with this one, but this was a three-day weekend in the United States so I decided to cut myself a little slack.  This is going to be a bit talky, but, well… Briefings are talky.  This happens to be the first time we’ve seen Captain Santelli out of his battle suit!  I was of two minds whether to do this, but really, he needed to be in this one, and walking into a conference room in a suit of combat armor was just ridiculous.

Anyhow, this has been an extraordinarily busy couple of weeks for me, I have to say, and really just… I don’t know.  Burdensome.  I’m an anxious and emotional guy, as many people know, but I don’t wear my heart on my sleeve in my day-to-day life.  That kind of split in the way I feel and the way I feel like I have to behave can sometimes really make me feel overmatched.  Things that some people feel perfectly justified doing and saying don’t come easily to me, and so I’ve found myself snapping at a lot of people and being a little bit harsh in ways I don’t like.  I’m told that is one of the things that helps me “get things done,” but I still don’t like it.  Also, not everyone around me knows not to provoke me when I’m like this, and that can make matters worse.  I won’t even go into the insane mess of politics and slow-motion global destruction that’s consuming my country and the world.

And I’m also an insomniac.  Although I’m currently following a regimen that has been very effective, it doesn’t really completely stop the process, it just compresses it from a stretch of weeks to a matter of days.  That’s far better than it used to be (in college, I’d go for months at a time without full nights of sleep), but it still makes those few days really long and really difficult.

Wellp.  Etz chaim he, as the ex used to say.  The sun will keep rising, whether we’re here to see it or not.

See you next week, folks.