Try to what?  Oh, we’ll find out.  But that’s what Major Rucker gets for missing the moment.  Man, there aren’t enough dollars to give me one for every time I’ve done that.  But nevertheless, we move on.

Interestingly, this is the first week I’ve shown Dr. Haakman in his medical branch BDUs, which I designed but never used before.  He has a basic service uniform he wears in the Hospital with his lab coat, but elsewhere in the base he wears his UNA Naval utility uniform with the white shoulderpad, since he’s the only one of the senior staff who’s a naval officer.  Actually, a Senior Chief Petty Officer, but he’s serving out-of-rank as Acting Chief Medical Officer for 6-Commando.  It happens more often than fiction would lead us to believe.  And you can’t really see it but he also has his medical brassard as well.  It’s of little consequence to the story, but 6-Commando’s hospital in Command Post Alpha is commanded by the Royal Dutch Navy, with a field surgical staff from Cuba and Russia (Royalists) and a nursing unit from Haiti.  Well, details.

This week was a killer, work-wise.  I’m on one deadline after another these days, but I’ll make it somehow.  Fortunately, the hurricane that was bearing on us earlier in the week seems to have turned out to sea, and New England is cooling down beautifully for the Autumn.  My favorite season.

Anyhow, until next week, all the best, folks!