Ever tried to eat combat rations?  They’re… not great.

The title of the comic this week is a reference to the “Thousand-Yard Stare” of a person afflicted with combat stress.  Colonel Talinina, here, was originally going to have a bit of dialogue, but I scrapped it – I felt like the scene worked better like this, and carried the thread of the opener for this chapter a lot better.  I’m actually quite proud of this page.

For me, this week began another period of increased work activity for me.  I have three buildings to get ready for construction by the middle of October, and that naturally has me a little stressed out.  But so far I’ve succeeded in keeping my work and home lives well separated, and the time off has really sharpened my pen so I’m feeling good about where things are going in Chapter 6.

By the way, thanks everyone for the attention and sharing and otherwise spreading word-of-mouth last week – it was the best week for the comic in quite some time!  6-Commando is pretty rarefied on the webcomics scene, and I’m a naturally reluctant self-promoter, but I would like to get the word out a little more in the coming months, because at the end of Chapter 6 here will be another opportunity to consider printing an edition of the comic, and I need to gauge whether or not that would be worth the time and effort.  So thanks, guys!  As silly as Facebook, Twitter and all that are to me, they’re still great ways to keep informed, so shares, “likes” and all that do help out a lot.  Maybe one day I’ll get a review or two into the bargain.

Sigh.  Wellp.  Another page done (kind of) early.  So, until next week!