I think this one speaks for itself.  This is my first foray into drawing fire in a very long time – let me tell you, fire is NOT easy to draw.

So.  We had a few unusual things happen in the last update to the theme I use to run the comic, and they have been resolved.  So, extra-super-special thanks to Frumph, creator and continuous updater of the ComicEasel plugin on which I rely, not only for jumping on the update, but also for being so patient with my barrage of “It’s broken and I’m too dumb to know what to do” messages.  He’s the man.

As for me, last week was really heck on wheels.  Tons of work, meetings, changes, more changes, misunderstandings… it’s all still hanging a little, but this being Labor Day weekend, I get Monday off to try to make sense of it all and hopefully not freak out entirely.  Basically, all week I was the ranking officer on deck, so to speak, pretty much running the show on a really big and difficult project that has a lot of moving targets, yet I wasn’t really in a position to make the kind of authoritative decisions that were really required, so I was kind of left just hoping there isn’t some kind of a blow-up come Tuesday morning.  We’ll just see.

Anyhow, I’m taking the opportunity to sleep a little more than usual, and hopefully to have a leisurely, low-key day tomorrow.  I hope everyone else does, too.  All the best, folks!