Let this be a lesson to you all – take infections seriously.  VERY seriously.

What I have is not what people generally think of when they say they’re “sick,” I admit.  It’s not a cold or flu.  It’s some kind of tissue and nerve infection in the left side of my head.  At the moment I don’t know what it is, actually, or where it came from – I’m going to find out tomorrow when the lab results come back.  And even then there might be some other thing underneath causing it, and that is the part that really freaks me out, even though they say that if there is some secondary thing they find it “probably” isn’t going to be anything malignant.  But it definitely IS drug-resistant and extremely painful.  Like, impossibly painful.

Like, the picture above.  But always.

In the meantime I’m a little, let’s say, out of whack.  This message is actually quite an effort, and finishing this week’s page was just not within my abilities.  But I’ll be back just as soon as conditions permit, and I’ll be in touch, of course.  Let’s hope it all clears up and I’m back next week!  I’ll be calling that my best possible scenario in all of this!

All the best, folks.