Poor Mike.  Mess with people’s memories, and all of a sudden nobody trusts you.

I’m doing much better.  Still not back to full capacity, but I can work, and I can draw, and so here’s the next page, why not? The drugs I’m on are pretty amazing, here, although the side effect is that they make me feel just a little bit slower than normal.  They’re heavy-duty antibiotics and so they divert a lot of free energy to boosting the immune system, leaving me feeling… pretty okay.  Kind of meditative.  Quiet.  A little on the drowsy side.  Even after the course of drugs is over I’m going to be this way for a few weeks after.  But prognosis is good – more follow-up, more tests this week, and hopefully a better idea of when my hearing is going to come back.  Any time you get a horrible inflamed mass that decides to set up shop a few inches away from your brain, they want to be pretty careful about it.  Which is fine by me.

We’re drawing to the end of the chapter here, so get ready for some fun times!

All the best, folks!