Hey, folks.  New week, new page, and I am BEAT.  Gotta get to bed before I fall asleep at my desk.

I will pause to say two things, though, before I make my bed, and then go to it.  First, yay!  Actual Singaporean landmark!  I’ve never been, but this is, I think, a reasonable rendering of the Supreme Law Courts.  And second, Yay!  Actual view of Howlers doing things in combat, and performing their main function – rapid-air-deployment armored hybrid-VTOL hovertank. This is meant to look like an earlier model, so it’s got different details from the ones you’ve seen before.  Still, I think it’s pretty neat and it was fun to draw it doing something active and “Howler-like.”

Okay.  Sleepytime.  Have a good one, folks!