So here we go for another week.  And in an odd reversal, I didn’t like THIS page until it was totally finished!  “Go figger.”

Not much to say about this page storywise, as I think it speaks for itself.  Instead I’ll say that it’s the first time I’ve managed to successfully complete a page like this on the road, as I was travelling this whole weekend.  It’s also the first time I’ve used a real one-point perspective in a long time, and I was really worried it wouldn’t look right.  One-point is not a really great perspective to use, as it distorts really easily.  But I found a U.S. Air Force photo of the inside of a C-130 medical transport plane, and that gave me a very good head start.  It may seem odd for me to say it (as I am an architect) but I hate drawing interiors.  They are a really technical subject, and are hard to pull off convincingly on a tight schedule.  This one kind of… well, I wish I’d made a model of it or something first.  When I design interiors, like for buildings, they’re the result of several days or weeks of revision, and are usually not drawn in these kinds of tight perspective.  I wanted the UNA infirmary here to look much cleaner and more high tech than the Federate field hospital, which was more cluttered and disorderly.  So the result was this, very white and sterile, and maybe a little too smooth, but okay overall for the timeframe, I guess.

And by the way, this is Joost Haakman’s long-deferred cameo appearance, in panel one.  I have, alas, never met him, and the only thing I had to go on was his self-portrait from his website, so I just kind of had to do my best.  I do hope I got close enough to reality.  I might have made his hair too light.  Ah well.

So anyhow, this is it.  I now have the privilege of cleaning up after my cat, who saw fit to punish me for leaving for the weekend – I’ll leave it to your imagination to figure out how.  So until next week, be well, folks!