Whoops – the next page in this spread took me WAY too long to ink – when you see it I think you’ll understand.  So it’s going to be an extra day or two to finish, I’m afraid.  Check back soon!  Thanks for the patience!

There’s SOOOO much I want to say in this week’s post, but I just don’t have a lot of time, I’m afraid.  This page and the ones following are stretching me to my very artistic limits – they are as close to being a genuine tour de force as I am currently able to produce.  Pages 28 and 29 form a spread that, if I do say so, is one of my better compositions.  Though because of the site, you have to see one at a time, I will, as I did before, make the spread available next week, as a voting incentive.  Wink wink, nudge nudge.

The most critical thing though, is this: Jason Brubaker, of reMIND, put out a call for guest work, now that he’s in the throes of publishing the first volume of his graphic novel, which has been receiving great reviews so far, I might add.  Answering the call, Chris Wrann of Aquarium Drinking, wrote a nine-page mini-story, and asked me and a number of other artists to participate in drawing it, one page each!  I happen to be up first, and you can see this foray into a very different comics world over at www.remindblog.com.  Over the coming weeks, additional pages by some really sensational artists will be added to the mix, and I urge you all to check them out!  The include, in addition to myself:

Aviv Itzcovitz

The Ever-Popular Joost Haakman

Peter Hon

Sarah Ellerton (If you don’t recognize her comic, you don’t read enough of them!)

Jim Francis

Kim Ku

Daniel Lieske

And of course, the man himself, Chris “The Insitigator” Wrann

Needless to say, it was a real privilege to have the chance to collaborate on a project like this, especially with so many artists at the top of their game, as they all are.  All of their personal work is well worth your time, and I can’t possibly say enough how great an experience this has been.  So roll on over and have a look-see!

Until next week, be well, everyone!