Yes, well, here we are then!  Many apologies for having been so remiss in answering posts last week – I’ve been rushed off my feet.  To say nothing of being crammed into a network of tunnels and secret chambers underneath a really weird old house in Manhattan, for which I’m helping to design a renovation plan.  Seriously, the stuff under this place makes you realize where “creepy” comes from.  But at any rate, I’m just here, and trying to play all the professional stuff off my little “hobby” of drawing this comic.  But I made it!

Once again, I don’t have a lot to add.  To do so would really only rehash stuff I’ve been over a bajillion times already, so I won’t bore you.  Overall, things are going forward as well as I can make them – and we’re getting close to the end of Chapter 2, so, you know what THAT means!

At any rate, I’ll just sign off.  And I promise this week I’ll keep up with your posts much better – don’t stop leaving them – they always help, and are great to see, even when I don’t have the time to answer them all!  Have a good week, folks.