Well, here we are.  Does this answer questions or raise more of them?  Oy vey!

I’m going to be as brief as I can this week, because I really worked through a lot of annoying roadblocks to draw this page.  I don’t want to lay it all on you guys, because you’re all just the greatest as far as I’m concerned, but I don’t know – lots of work to do this week stressed me way the heck out.  And a couple of friends made some unexpected commitments for me and on my behalf, which, although I know it was done with kind intentions, really just exhausted me and ended up pushing my buttons at this particular point in time.  As a result, I was behind schedule and in a really terrible mood when I sat down to draw this page, and so it became a huge struggle from start to finish.  I’m not entirely sure I like it but I can’t stop now.  But it goes to show you – upbeatness is key to a successful art project.  It may still be a struggle, but if you can’t go at it with a positive attitude, it’s just drudgery.

What I do like, though, is Dr. Haakman, who has a matter-of-fact, take-charge attitude in this scene that I really do like.  Even though he was ready to euthanize Sarah a few chapters ago, he still seems to me like the kind of doctor you’d want to have on your side when things started going down.

By the way, I’ve moved over to a new computer.  Boy was it pricey, but it is so incredibly fast that I’m amazed how wonderfully it’s working.  My old system was pretty darned fast – built pretty much entirely to run Photoshop.  But this one… MAN.  at least ten times faster.  Computer technology blows my mind.

Anyway, until next week, I’ll be trying to improve my attitude.  All the best, folks.