Yahoo!  I need to check my analytics more often, but I just found that 6-Commando has just had its first general review!  In spite of some quibbles (fair ones, I admit) about my website design, the review is a very positive one.  Thanks to!  It may just be one review, and it may have taken me a few days to see it, but one is better than none, and it means a lot to me to know people are reading my stuff, and so, you know, thanks!

Again, I’ve overdone it this week, so I have to turn in pretty much right away, so no long post here.  Nevertheless, I managed to finish this page.  And so here it is.  I might do something with Sarah’s eye, later on.  In panel four.  And I realized only when I’d finished that the SMERSH agent being in the field hospital there is endangering Sarah’s life by not wearing a mask or scrubs.  But overall, yes.  We keep on moving.  And with more Russian! (Thanks, Hilvon, yet again!)

On an interesting sidenote, though, I want to mention that I’ve been invited to collaborate on a project with a number of really great cartoonists.  It’s a multi-page guest piece I don’t want to say more about until I’m totally sure I’m authorized to do so by the rest of “the gang,” but the group includes some of the absolute top web cartoonists in the so-called “industry,” and it’s super thrilling not only to have been invited to participate and collaborate with such top artists, but to have my page be the first one of the piece!  It’s appearing in mid-March on a website-to-be-revealed-later, and I’ll go into greater depth on it as things unfold.

In spite of that, however, I still have a day job, so I better hit the old soft stuff, as it were.  I have a LONG week ahead of me.  All the best, folks!