Interim Update: Next week’s page won’t be up on schedule.  I have to go to Washington, DC and will be gone until Tuesday at the earliest, and this page needs more time than I can give it right now – and I’ve learned my lesson about posting half-assed work!  Jeez, and things were going so well on the comics schedule!  But that’s life in the fast lane.  I’ve got a lot of commitments to live up to this week and next, so God willing, this will all go down the way it’s supposed to.  I’ll try to update and answer posts and all from the road, and maybe even squeeze in a little drawing on the side, but unfortunately, I gotta do what I gotta do.  As compensation, I have posted a new voting incentive on – the desktop image is still underway, and is one of the many commitments of which I speak.  Godspeed, and see you all real soon, folks!

Yet again, I’m obliged to abbreviate my post, as it’s WAY past my bedtime.  But I did want to make a special mention, here, of the extraordinary efforts of Hilvon, our fellow-reader and frequent poster here, who helped me work out a rather sophisticated bit of Russian dialogue on this page.  When it all comes out, as it will in the end, you’ll all see just how subtle Hilvon’s suggestions were, and how much it helped the dialogue on the page.  For now, though, take my word for it – it’s quite a good bit of back-and-forth.

I’ll do a full update tomorrow.  Until then, enjoy the page!  And now I must rest.