I had a whole thing in my head to write about this week, but by the time I got to posting this, I had forgotten all of it.  I’m working really hard these days – not a whole LOT, but when I’m in the studio, I’m doing an awful lot, and it seems like I’m doing it all at once. It’s very intense, sometimes tedious, and always very complicated work to administer the construction of a building.  Or two.  Or five.  None of it is simple.

So, yeah, I’m getting a little burnt out, I’ll admit.  I’m still plugging away at the comic, though, and I’m glad to say that, unlike the first three chapters, Chapter 4, which is now about 2/3 complete (I think), is one I would feel confident sending to print right off the website. Well, fine, the next to last panel needs a tweak. It looked better in the inks. But still, no major “this whole page needs to be redrawn” situations.

God.  Print.  Now there’s something I haven’t thought about for a while.  Maybe I’d better not go there at this time of night.  Suffice it to say, another week’s gone by, and another page is drawn.  So, I call that a net gain.

Have a good one folks.  See you next week!