Poor Mike – he can be pretty verbose.  But I mean, she ASKED.

This isn’t just technobabble, by the way, although it is science fiction.  The radiation required to cause lesions in the brain tissue would normally be enough to cause death from other causes anyway, So the exact effect of acute radiation on the brain can be hard to determine.  However, I did research this, and de-myelinization and death of insulating glial cells, as well as lysis and micro-lesions in the nerve tissue, seems to be a likely result of major whole-body radiation exposure.  In Sarah’s case it would have been longer exposure to a lower but still acute dose, and therefore the damage would be slower-acting, and combined with head trauma that exacerbated her condition.  Either way, she isn’t too happy about the solution.

Another week goes by.  Again, I won’t tell you specifics, to protect the innocent, but GOD, sometimes I wonder.  No… no, I won’t go there.  Got to be optimistic!

Until next week, folks, all the best!