Oh, Major Rucker – ever the optimist.  But for this world war and everything, he’d have been a good diplomat.

This is one of those pages I can only do because this is a long-form comic and I’m the only one working the content, here.  Little moments like this get lost so easily, but it says so much about Rucker and Talinina, right here.  Ahh.

Man, I could tell you about the last two weeks, but I won’t, to protect the innocent.  Suffice it to say, I’ve been working out the wazoo, and finally came back down to Earth today.  And all in all, even though this is a day later than I usually prefer, I’m glad I took the time to have a second look at it – there were lots of little things I’m really glad I touched up.  I’ll just say “thank you,” and express my undying feelings of good fortune that I have readers who are willing to take the ride with me, and wait for so long when these kinds of things interfere with my artistic life.  I have to earn a living, after all!

Anyhwahhhhh. All the best, everyone.  See you next week, God willing!