The mystery continues to unravel.  God, Dacosta looks good on this page.  Oh, my, yes.  It’s a huge relief to have the thing on the ropes for this chapter.

Bizarrely, it only takes a small bit of time on one end or the other to turn the drawing of a page in this comic from a tremendous chore to something incredibly pleasant and uplifting, and that’s how it was this week.  I dithered and wavered back and forth on things like layout and colors, and I pored over the excruciating minutiae of the way the dialogue was presented; but then, come Friday evening, I found myself waking up from a post-workday nap to have the whole thing in my head, and it all came out on the page just exactly as I thought it should.  I suppose Sherlock Holmes had it right: “And now, Watson, I commend to you the universal solution to nearly every problem: sleep.”

A year from now, no doubt, I’ll be quibbling again about all the ways I could have or should have done it better – it’s in my nature.  But for now, I feel fully relaxed and accomplished for the week.  Thank God.

Beyond that it’s just business as usual, I suppose.  The long, hot summer wears on, and I’m just rolling along.  We are approaching the final throes of Chapter 4.  I can hardly believe I’ve made it this far into the story without flagging, so far.  Whew.  Gives me hope.

Anyhow, I hope everyone has a good week.  I’ll keep plugging away, as I do.  All the best, folks.